SoHo on Miller St

SoHo on Miller Street opened in the summer of 2008 serving rustic Italian food, fantastic cocktails and a wide selection of beers. The Daily Record's Tam Cowan described our pizzas as 'perfect' and the Evening Times Diner Tec spoke of our 'friendly service and superb food' and in 2010 we were proud to be awarded 'Best New Restaurant' at the Scottish Variety Awards.

In 2011 Little SoHo Jordanhill opened on Crow Road. Smaller than its big sister, Little SoHo is a bustling neighbourhood bar and pizzeria serving cocktails, fine Italian coffee, crispy stone baked pizza and antipasti.

Both venues are family friendly. SoHo on Miller Street seats up to 120 and Little SoHo Jordahill up to 60 guests.

variety awards

Winner Of The Variety Awards
Best New Restaurant 2010

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